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Forming and cutting

For all material qualities

OSO Manufacturing can offer comprehensive services in cutting, shearing, edge pressing and rolling of sheet metal.

Water cutting:

With our large and flexible cutting tables, OSO Manufacturing can produce very accurate and precise details in the vast majority of material qualities. Our water cutting machines can be used for almost all material qualities except tempered glass. Water cutting is done completely without thermal stress in the material, and the cutting speed is calculated based on our customer’s tolerance requirements and the material’s hardness and thickness.

Laser cutting:

As an alternative, laser cutting provides high machining speed with very high precision. Cost-effective cutting, with high flexibility and speed for details with tight tolerance requirements and good precision. The material retains its original shape because the laser does not cause any pressure during processing.

Machine park – shaping

  • 4 band saws with automatic feed, cuts up to 420mm
  • CNC-controlled press brake 220 tons (100 tons / m.)
  • Hydraulic sheet metal scissors
  • Rolling Ø500 – Ø2000 mm

Machine park – water cutting

  • 2 pcs. water cutting machines

Capacity – water cutting

  • 4 cutting heads per machine
  • Sheet sizes up to 6700 mm x 4200 mm
  • Material thickness up to 200 mm
  • Tolerances down to 1/10 mm
  • Holes can be cut down to 1 mm in diameter (depending on material thickness)

Capacity – laser cutting

  • Sheet metal sizes up to 3000 mm x 1500 mm
  • Black steel – up to 15 mm material thickness
  • Stainless steel – up to 8 mm material thickness
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